Challenger Kevin J. Lincoln has defeated incumbent Mayor Michael Tubbs.

The County Registrar of Voters updated its elections website at 9:01 p.m. on Monday, 11/16/2020. 271,938 votes have been counted, the most ever in a County elections cycle. Turnout stands at 74.33%, a number unheard of in San Joaquin County since the civil war according to surveys of historic newspapers. Only 7,550 votes remain uncounted.

With so few votes remaining, some races are effectively finished. Statistically, Jerry McNerney, Susan Eggman, Democratic Party candidates for Congress and State Senate, have clinched victory. In the Stockton Mayoral Race, Mayor Michael Tubbs, down 11,547 votes, has been defeated.

The race for City Council District 6 between Kimberley Warmsley and Gloria Allen, has also been effectively decided. Warmsley leads Gloria Allen by 5,046 votes in the race for the South Stockton district.

In Stockton Unified School District, the race for Board Member Trustee Area 1 has been decided decisively, with Cecilia Mendez in a commanding lead over Viola A. Shackleford and Patricia Barrett.

Several races in the community remain too close to call.

The race for State Assembly remains in play, though former County Supervisor Carlos Villapudua increased his lead over current Supervisor Kathy Miller by 3,705 votes. The races for Stockton Unified School District Area Seats 3 and 4 are also close to being statistically finished, with Alicia Rico ahead of community activist Valentino Silva in the Area 3 race by 158 votes, while in Area 4 challenger Raymond C. Zulueta leads incumbent Trustee Lange Luntao by 834 votes.

As of Wednesday 11/16 at 9:01 p.m., Stocktonia News has called the Congressional Race for District 9, the State Senate Race for District 5, the Mayoral Race in the City of Stockton, the Stockton City Council District 6, SUSD District 1, and several races for Trustee seats in the SJCOE and Delta College Board of Trustees.

Election Results

Full results for all races in San Joaquin County can be viewed at the live elections update feed on the County Registrar of Voters website.

Congressional District 9: Jerry McNerney (D-Stockton) leads Antonio C. ‘Tony’ Amador 164,992 votes to 120,784 votes.

State Senate District 5: Susan Talamantes Eggman leads Jim Ridenour 200,617 votes to 162,541 votes.

Assembly District 13: Carlos Villapudua leads Kathy Miller 76,814 votes to 73,109 votes.

San Joaquin County Supervisor District 5: Rhodesia Ransom leads Robert Rickman 22,560 votes to 20,933 votes.

City of Stockton Mayor: Kevin J. Lincoln leads Michael Tubbs 52,398 votes to 40,851 votes.

City of Stockton City Council District 6: Kimberly Warmsley leads Gloria Allen 8,821 votes to 3,775 votes.

San Joaquin County Board of Education Trustee Area 3: Douglas Vigil leads Jill Fritchen 21,238 votes to 10,920 votes.

San Joaquin Delta College District Trustee Area 2: Elizabeth Blanchard leads Van Ha To-Cowell and Sabrina Flores 16,687 votes to 9,691 and 8,061 votes, respectively.

Stockton Unified School District (SUSD) Trustee Area 1: Cecilia Mendez leads Viola A. Shackleford and Patricia Barrett 3,998 votes to 1,470 and 578 votes, respectively.

SUSD Trustee Area 3: Alicia Rico leads a field of candidates with 1,794 votes, with Valentino Silva trailing with 1,636 votes, Lavichia Jones with 794 votes, Frank Silva with 521 votes, and Dia Silva coming in with 242 votes.

SUSD District 4: Raymond C. Zulueta currently leads Lange Luntao and Gabriel Casillas with 3,645 votes, with Luntao receiving 2,811 votes and Casillas receiving 2,806 votes.

Lincoln Unified School District (LUSD) Trustee Area 2: Ashley Jones leads Garland Frazier 2,641 votes to 634 votes.

LUSD Trustee Area 4: Sandra Chan leads Deann Moore Antonini 1,837 votes to 1,363 votes.

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