The City Council voted tonight to send millions of dollars to local organizations on the front lines of the housing crisis.

The Council voted to adopt a resolution to appropriate grant funding available from the Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council and the Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agencies, made available via the State’s Homeless Housing Assistance Prevention Program (HHAP).

The I-5 overpass near the Stockton Deepwater Channel. Due to a variety of vectors, the housing crisis across the state has resulted in increasing numbers of people without homes. Many of those seeking shelter find rest underneath Stockton’s freeways.

A total of $6,460,265 will be funneled to twelve projects across the City. In addition, $452,218 will be spent on administrative needs, and $129,205 will be allocated to strategic planning. The beneficiaries of the grant funding include the following projects:

  • $258,411 to Family Resource and Referral Center for the Coordinated Entry System;
  • $516,821 to Lutheran Social Services Rapid Re-housing project for youth ages 12-24;
  • $258,345.12 to Stockton Self-Help Housing for two scattered-site single-family permanent supportive housing units;
  • $222,500 to the Housing Authority/DCDC for rental assistance and landlord Incentive project;
  • $2,338,623 Stockton Shelter for the Homeless for the Emergency Shelter/Navigation Center project;
  • $581,424 to Central Valley Low-Income Housing for the Rental Assistance/Landlord Incentives project;
  • $341,001.44 to Central Valley Low-Income Housing Corp. for the Rapid Re-housing and landlord Incentives project;
  • $341,001.44 to Stockton Shelter for the Homeless for the Rapid Re-housing and Landlord Incentives;
  • $177,268 to Stockton Shelter for the Homeless to provide homeless outreach and supportive services coordination;
  • $129,205 to Central Valley Low-Income Housing Corp. for operating reserves for project HomeKey, a 39-unit affordable permanent supportive housing project;
  • $375,274.89 to Children’s Home of Stockton for homeless outreach and supportive services coordination; and
  • $338,968.11 to Ready to Work for Homeless outreach and supportive services emergency shelter coordination.

The funds will be much needed in the fight to curb the homelessness crisis in Stockton. A full list of organizations in San Joaquin County funded by HHAP can be found at their recommendations page.

Councilmember Takes

In discussion, Mayor Michael Tubbs stated that the appropriations were “the big ticket item on the agenda.”

Councilman Sol Jobrack commented that the fund appropriations align with “our goal of helping people transition out of homelessness.”

Councilwoman Christina Fugazi zeroed in on the need for beds in Stockton, and stated that “people have an expectation with how we spend money on the homeless.” She further emphasized that the City needed “data-driven analysis that the funding does what we want it to do.” Drilling in on the projects currently happening in the City, Fugazi asked: “is the work that they’re currently doing not working? Because I have three emails here…from people who jumped through all of the hoops and haven’t gotten help.”

Director Wright responded that projects aren’t working as well as they should “because not all programs have been implemented yet.” The State has created rigorous guidelines to ensure accountability in how funds are spent and how many people are supported by the funding.

Councilwoman Susan Lenz wanted to know “how are [landlords] going to find beds for these people?” Director Wright explained how different processes work, with the focus being on relationships built between those without homes, City staff, organizational officials, and landlords.

Mayor Tubbs stated that going from zero funding to six million was a major accomplishment, and said that while not every organization can receive funding, the future would be bright. The Council voted unanimously to approve the fund appropriations.

Grant Background

The City Council authorized the application for HHAP funding on August 20, 2019. Carrie Wright, Director of Economic Development, stated that “the state was looking at this pot of money and telling us to spend it before anything else.” She underscored that the pandemic made the situation all the more dire.

Different organizations across the City and County applied for funding from HHAP. Thirty-four applications were filed from County organizations for a total of $37,000,000. Twenty-one of those organizations were from Stockton, applying for $15,000,000. Projects were ranked and then awarded funds, with $6,460,265 ultimately given out.

Director of Economic Development Carrie Wright speaks on grant funding for the housing crisis in Stockton.

Major priorities of the funding include youth homelessness, rental assistance and rapid rehousing, and motel conversion.

Check back with Stocktonia News tomorrow to learn about how various funded project supported by the City will work to fight the homelessness crisis in Stockton.

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