Feature Photo: Joey Castanon, Gigi Castanon and Jeremy Castanon travel along in a 1972 red Chevrolet Chevelle during Stockton Cruise Night on the Miracle Mile. (ROBYN JONES/CONTRIBUTOR)

Once a month, the Miracle Mile in Stockton becomes a showcase of for classic cars of the past.

Every third Thursday of the month from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m., the Stockton Cruise Night hosts events on Miracle Mile for owners of classic cars and car club members to come out and show off their hot rides for many onlookers. 

From bright low riders to classic under glows with hydraulics, July 21st was a perfect night to be out on the Mile. Sidewalks were filled with a variety of vendors selling items such as croc charms and waist beads, along with cooks selling bacon wrapped hot dogs and tri-tip sandwiches that catch your nose from a block away. 

Matthew Madull and Yvette Andrade stand by a 1969 Yellow Buick Skylark from Swift Car Club at the Stockton Cruise Night. (ROBYN JONES/CONTRIBUTOR)

The walkways were crowded with families taking pictures with the cars and cheering as they passed by on the streets. Boomboxes were blaring old school music on every corner all night filling the air as everyone danced around, talked, and laughed with each other. Motorcycle owners came to the party riding together down the street leisurely, parking in a row revving their engines to attract many turned heads.

“Tonight will definitely be a night to remember. I missed being home in the valley and catching local events such as this one. The cars are sick and it’s nice to see strangers bonding over something and making us feel like a community,” Matthew Maduli said.

To catch the next cruise night follow Stockton Cruise Night on Instagram for more information.

A vintage Chevrolet rolls down Pacific Avenue during Stockton Cruise Night, which occurs every third Thursday of the month. (ROBYN JONES/CONTRIBUTOR)

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  1. The funny thing about this is the low riders didn’t used to cruise the Avenue the cruise the Way Charter Way . They didn’t start cruising the Avenue until the end of cruising when all the fighting a shootings had started because of the change in society and the uprising of gangs in this town.

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