The Stockton Sailing Club has been making history in the sailing community since 1933, and plans to continue to stay afloat for many years to come. 

Initially founded by a handful of Stockton High School students with a passion for sail boating, the club is set to celebrate its 90th anniversary. Club officials note SSC holds a unique spot in Stockton’s history and the San Francisco Bay community at large, as it is a space where boat owners who rely on sails instead of motors to travel, congregate and participate in races.

“It really is its own culture here,” says Faye Roberts, a club member since 1991, and co-owner of the boat Dynamite.

With spring fast approaching, the club has a few sailing-related events lined up that will be open to the public and free to attend. To kick the sailing season off, the club will host an Opening Day celebration on April 22, and SSC will host the 32nd Annual Delta Ditch Run on June 3. The event starts at the Richmond Yacht Club, and features a 65-nautical-mile race through the San Francisco Bay and down the San Joaquin River, ending at Stockton.

The Stockton Sailing Club will also host an Antique and Classic Wooden Boat Show, on July 22, where boat owners can display their out-of-commission vintage boats in the club’s marina. Between the months of June and August, “Beer Can Races” will happen on Wednesday nights and dinghy races will take place on Thursdays. 

The Stockton Sailing Club is located in Buckley Cove in Stockton. (Arianna Juarez)

These casual races are open to the public to watch, but contenders must be members of the club.

Sailing instruction classes for children and teens will be available between the months of June and August as well.  Young people who wish to learn how to sail do not need to be members of the club and can rent or buy their own sailboats from the club. 

“It’s an activity that the family can enjoy,” said Roberts. 

The club also has plans to begin an adult sailing instructions class this summer for adults who wish to learn about sailboating. 

Stockton residents can be a part of the Stockton Sailing Club even if they do not own a board, according to Tena Carr, a longtime member and another co-owner of Dynamite.

“Anyone can be involved, even if you don’t have a boat,” Carr said. “People always need crew members for their boats.”

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