Representative Josh Harder claimed victory Tuesday in the race for the 9th U.S. Congressional seat, while his opponent, Tom Patti, said he “respected the sentiments of the voters.”

Harder’s campaign released a statement shortly after San Joaquin County updated its latest vote tallies online.

With 82.6% of the vote counted in the county, the district’s overwhelmingly largest voting block, several of last week’s elections results have crystalized. Harder leads Patti by nearly 14 percentage points.

“I’m incredibly honored our community has put their faith in me once again,” Harder said in the statement. “There’s a huge amount of work that needs to get done, and I truly believe if we focus on common sense solutions we can get prices down, protect our water, and keep our community safe. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I won’t let you down.”

Harder currently represents the 10th Congressional District, but ran in the 9th District in an effort to succeed the retiring Jerry McNerney, a fellow Democrat. Patti, a two-term Republican San Joaquin County Supervisor, said Tuesday that he did not get the turnaround in the voting trends that he’d hoped for since initial results were last updated the morning after Election Day.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t see the dramatic shift that we needed in the latest count,” Patti said. “The voters made their decision, and I accept that. I do wish the campaign had been more about the issues and less about negative campaigning, but I 100% accept that all’s fair in life, love and politics. I’m excited to get back to my job (as a supervisor), there’s a lot to do.”

Congressional candidate Tom Patti address supporters at his watch party at The AVE On the Mile in Stockton. (Scott Linesburgh)

Other candidates were ready to claim victory, including Steve Ding in the county’s District 4 supervisor contest. Ding holds a 52.94% to 47.06% advantage over Steve Colangelo.

“I think it’s over. The percentages haven’t changed since election night,” Ding said. “It’s been a long 14 months of campaigning. It feels good, and I feel grateful and blessed. I’m looking forward to getting back to work.”

Some candidates with sizable leads still want to hold back claiming a win until all the votes are tallied.

AngelAnn Flores, incumbent in the Stockton Unified School District Board of Trustees Area 2 race, has an almost 20 point lead over her opponents. But there’s not going to be a victory celebration quite yet.

“I’m waiting,” Flores said. “I see it as a huge lead and see where it’s leading, but my humble heart says to wait until the final results are in.”

San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters Olivia Hale said the count has gone well. There have been 137,296 votes tallied at this points, with 28,830 left to count.

The next update is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 22.

9th Congressional District

JOSH HARDER — 72,781 (56.81%)

TOM PATTI — 55,332 (43.19%)

13th State Assembly District

CARLOS VILLAPUDUA — 39.818 (60.99%)

VERONICA VARGAS — 25,469 (39.01%)

Stockton City Council District 1

MICHELE PADILLA — 5,314 (59.00%)

SOL JOBRACK — 3,679 (40.91%)

County Supervisor District 2

PAUL CANEPA — 12.705 (56.88%)

ELBERT HOLMAN JR. —9,631 (43.12%)

County Supervisor District 4

STEVE DING — 15,314 (52.94%)

STEVE COLANGELO — 13,614 (47.06%)



ANGELANN FLORES — 846 (37.32%)        

PATRICK MARTIN — 420 (18.53%)             

MELISSA GARIBAY ORTIZ — 391 (17.25%)              

XAVIER LOPEZ MOUNTAIN — 374 (16.50%)          

JOSE G. CARRANZA — 236 (10.41%)         


DONALD DONAIRE — 1,748 (57.92%)          

JUAN M ESTRADA — 1,049 (34.76%)

DAWN R. ALI — 221 (7.32%)


SOFIA COLON — 1,541 (52.38%)    

SCOT MCBRIAN — 969 (32.94%) 

RAFAEL CARDOZA — 432 (14.68%)


KENNETHA STEVENS — 1,814 (49.52%)

ZACHARY IGNACIO AVELAR — 1,098 (29.98%)         

RENEE ICASIANO — 434 (11.85%)

ENRIQUE SERRANO — 317 (8.65%)



ALLYSON ARANDA — 1,171 (48.53%)

TONY MANNOR — 613 (25.93%)

SHOUA LO — 404 (17.09%)



BONNIE CENTERS — 1,578 (73.23%)

MOTECUZOMA P. SANCHEZ — 577 (26.77%)

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  1. Smear campaigns and vile attacks did not prevail in this election! This is not just a victory for the city of Stockton and her residents — but it is an epic failure for 209 Times!

  2. Anyone who thinks the 209times somehow ‘influences’ WHO wins an election in Stockton, is somehow ‘off.’ People who LOSE elections in the area (the ‘209’ and soon ‘350’), LOSE because they are poor candidates. You can add the name Sol Jobrack, and Moteczuma Sanchez, Juan Estrada, and Tom Patti to the list of poor candidates, which incidentally includes the names Michael Tubbs and Lange Luntao – ALL POOR CANDIDATES!

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