Longtime educator and former Stockton vice mayor Christina has been reinstated by the Stockton Unified School District four months after suddenly being put on leave.  But why she was relieved of duty still hasn’t been made public by the district.

Fugazi, who formerly served as a vice principal at Edison High School, said she was informed this week that she was cleared of any wrongdoing by SUSD and has been transferred to Stagg High, where she will also serve as a vice principal. Former Edison Principal Chris Anderson, who was also put on leave, has resigned, according to SUSD officials.

When she was called into the district offices and told she was cleared to return to work, Fugazi said that “I felt exonerated. I was so happy, I cried. It was that ugly cry.”

But Fugazi was not told why she was put on leave in the first place.

“I asked profusely (for the reason). I wanted some closure,” Fugazi said. “I was told it was still an ongoing investigation.”

SUSD released a statement, saying in part “Christina Fugazi has been assigned to Stagg High School as Assistant Principal for the 2023-2024 school year. Ms. Fugazi reported back to work along with all other site administrators on July 20, 2023.”

Fugazi said she will miss Edison but is looking forward to working with the administrators, teachers and students at Stagg. She also announced her return to politics in a bid to run for Stockton mayor in 2024.

Fugazi, City Councilor Dan Wright and Ernesto Gonzalez have filed papers to seek the mayorship. San Joaquin County Supervisor Tom Patti has not filed but has stated his intention to run.

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  1. If Fugazi was not informed of why she was suspended as the result of an ongoing investigation — it is an indication that this investigation is very big.

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