Stockton Mayor Kevin Lincoln has nominated Councilmember Kimberly Warmsley to be his vice mayor.

Warmsley will serve as vice mayor through the end of her current term on the City Council in December 2024, according to a news release from the mayor’s office.

In a statement, Lincoln described working with Warmsley over the last two years as a “privilege,” commending her advocacy as the city’s District 6 representative and the work she’s done for both the city of Stockton and San Joaquin County at large.

“Councilwoman Warmsley regularly champions and supports the work of community organizations serving her residents and is moving the needle forward to ensure South Stockton is prioritized for future development and investment,” Lincoln said.

The mayor and Warmsley are both halfway through their first terms on City Council, having both been elected in 2020. Warmsley takes over the mantle from former Councilmember Christina Fugazi, who termed out at the end of last year.

Warmsley said in the news release that she’s “filled with joy” as she takes on the vice mayor role.

“It is a dream and an absolute honor to be appointed to this esteemed position. I am committed to serving the people of Stockton with integrity, passion, and dedication,” Warmsley said. “I look forward to moving the needle forward to ensure all Stocktonians’ needs, wellness, and quality of life are addressed at the highest level.”

If her selection is approved by the city council as expected, Kimberly Warmsley will serve as vice mayor through the end of her council term in December, 2024. (Joshua Brewer)

The vice mayor position is largely ceremonial, with its primary duties being to step into run City Council meetings when the mayor is absent or to fill in at various public engagements.

For the second time during his term, Lincoln has taken slightly longer to choose his number two than was previously typical for a Stockton mayor. The Record reported in 2021 that Fugazi was chosen to be vice mayor at the end of March that year. So Lincoln’s appointment of Warmsley is just about in line with his selection timeline.

Stockton vice mayors are chosen every two years, with terms ending in December of a general election year. Warmsley is scheduled to be ratified as the city’s new vice mayor Tuesday at the City Council’s next general meeting, according to the mayor’s office.

Lincoln said Warmsley has fiercely advocated for remedies to some of the city’s most pressing issues, such as health disparity and infrastructure disinvestment, and will continue to do so in her new position.

“(It) is important to me that every area of Stockton experiences an improved quality of life as a result of my work as Mayor,” Lincoln said. “Councilwoman Warmsley understands the fundamental needs of our city, is accessible to our residents, and is committed to the role of Vice Mayor.”

Warmsley says she is honored and humbled for the mayor’s trust in appointing her.

“As a young girl growing up in South Stockton, my mother instilled within her children the importance of service delivery, humility, and bravery, inspiring us to have courage every day,” Warmsley said. “My mother taught me the fundamentals of what being an advocate truly means and reminds me every day to be a champion for the people.”

She also commended those who have worked along side her and assured those working relationships will continue.

“I am not alone in this endeavor. I promise to work hard every day alongside our local, state, and federal representatives, our Mayor, Stockton City Council, and every City of Stockton Administrative leader,” Warmsley said. “Together, we will make Stockton better.”

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  1. She is well deserving of this honor our city and community welcomes her with open arms she has went beyond in her duties and has without a doubt shown she is dedicated and she cares about us and our city..Congratulations dear lady..

  2. Congratulations Honey 🍯
    You are so Deserving to be given this
    Position and I know you will do a
    Great Job for Our Beloved Stockton

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