A body was found inside a sedan pulled from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta near Stockton on Wednesday afternoon during an operation to recover submerged vehicles.

Throughout the day, sheriff’s deputies from San Joaquin and Sacramento counties, along with a dive team, worked to recover cars that had ended up in the delta.

Around 3 or 4 p.m. a Dodge Stratus sedan that was registered to a missing person was located in Little Potato Slough, near Eight Mile Road Ferry.  At 6:17 p.m. the county medical examiner arrived at the scene to investigate the remains.

The name of the missing person associated with the car was not released.

A spokesperson for the San Joaquin sheriff’s office said the multi-agency operation was prompted by reports of vehicles in the water.

Cameras were deployed to reach the vehicles in order for authorities to look at the licenses plates.

Three vehicles were pulled from the water in the same area. The other two were a red Chevrolet Suburban that was stolen from Stockton, and a car reportedly involved in a crash where the person was able to get out of the car, according to the sheriff’s office.

It had taken over two hours to remove the Suburban, the vehicle that was located closest to the bank.

Yellow caution tape remained at the scene while the investigation continued on Wednesday evening.

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  1. I am relieved that there has been a reasonable resolution to this potentially tragic situation concerning Stockton’s homeless shelter. Just the thought of 250 human beings suddenly being locked out from their place of refuge brought me anguish tears. With the soon to be open new Homeless Navigational Center now on the horizon I have much hope for all the people who will seek out this groundbreaking extremely well organized facility. As a country with a high percentage of homelessness in every city and town what has to be done is what is obvious. As our nation’s numbers of homeless keeps growing now is the time to make the nationwide situation a number one priority. Every city must make a commitment and follow in the footsteps of projects such as Stockton’s Navigational Center and so many of others across the country therefore getting people in need of shelter off the streets, placing them in safe secure environments where recovery also will be found. We the people united together can and will for once and for all get our brother’s our sister’s our father’s our Mother’s and children off the streets. Those in need of mental healthcare which are many will finally get the help they need rather than being left to wander the streets in verbal confusions. Addicts will find relief in programs rather than becoming part of incarcerations and the death count. No more sweeping all that we see under an invisible rug. Now is the time to face reality and to make way for the future to be a better, safer, secure place, for all to embrace, and most importantly to raise the new born children in. Thank you for hearing my plea.

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