Both the principal and an assistant principal for Edison High School are on paid administrative leave, Stockton Unified officials confirmed Tuesday.

Edison Principal Chris Anderson was placed on leave Jan. 27, while Assistant Principal Christina Fugazi was placed on leave Friday, district spokesperson Melinda Meza told Stocktonia.

The district declined to comment on the circumstances surrounding why the administrators have been relieved of their duties.

Kristi Lee, another of the high school’s four assistant principals, has stepped in as acting Edison principal, Meza said. According to her bio on the district’s website, Lee taught at Edison for 19 years before becoming an assistant principal.

The district says someone will be taking over Fugazi’s duties but who that will be has yet to be confirmed, Meza said.

Anderson has been Edison’s principal since 2018, Meza said. He was appointed as the district’s COVID-19 coordinator in November 2020, according to The Record.

Fugazi, who has been an assistant principal at Edison since 2021, is a longtime educator. She also recently termed out as a Stockton councilmember, ending her two-term, eight-year tenure as the city’s vice mayor.

The former city councilor did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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  1. It is irresponsible for SUSD and any news organization – “in the know” – to withhold the REASON behind the “paid leave” of BOTH the Edison High School Principal and Assistant Principal. Those individuals SERVE the community (public) and the community DESERVES and has a right to know (in general terms) what has transpired. THIS IS AN OPEN CALL for anyone who has INFORMATION to POST such information and MAKE IT AVAILABLE TO THE COMMUNITY!

      1. Already, the information is ‘swirling’ around in certain circles… The WORD is out, & no one, especially SUSD is going to be sued – let alone ‘loose’ (sic) – to quote you… FUGAZI is bad news! From DO NOTHING planning commissioner to DO NOTHING city council member… GOOD riddance to her asst. principal (for attendance <–LoL) at Edison H.S.

  2. this action is detrimental to edison and to students and parents in susd. both educators put their heart and soul into students education.

  3. Fugazi’s friends over at 209 Times are spending a lot of time attacking President Flores and Councilmember Villapudua with a lot of “breaking news — its been alleged” type of allegations — but not a peep about this. Is it possible that her dismissal is connected to the dismissal of a certain Family Resource Director, and/or the fraud and corruption at SUSD that is being investigated by state/federal investigations?

  4. That’s what I’m thinking. It’s connected to the corruption and fraud. Not surprised 209Times is ignoring this. He’s busy as a 🦫 working to discredit Villapudua and put Flores on the back burner for now. Stockton can see how he works. Only uses the public, doesn’t care about truth.

  5. 209 Time isn’t ignoring it they have asked but it’s the the head lady in charge of SUSD and her cronies. I read about this on 209 Times

  6. Motec Sanchez and his cronies at 209 Times are not touching the news regarding Christina Fugazi for one very good reason — both of them are likely subjects of interest in criminal investigations regarding SUSD. If this were in the hand of “the head Lady in charge of SUSD”, Fugazi would have lost her position with little notice or public announcement. The findings of the current board is all be turned over to authorities. That she was placed on administrative leave suggests the charges are pretty serious.

    1. There are OTHERS who should be worried… Start with the Stockton city council members who previously were entwined with Montec Sanchez; did you ever wonder why the #uck, SUSD (the office of Montec at the time) was at the Stribley (Park) Neighborhood Center? It’s very clear that the workings of 209 times plays a role….throw in the names of city council members (Fugazi) and Ramirez appointees (Fugazi, Sanchez, Anderson) and you have at least part of the story… As long as Fugazi and Anderson are relieved of their duties, I don’t care if the details “come out”!

  7. Are both Edison administrators still on leave? Was there some type of investigation? SUSD is about to start a new school year but no word as to whether this has been resolved.

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